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Our Private Practice Provides Quality Comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health Services.

Welcome to our mental health practice in Silver City, NM.  Our goal is to meet our clients needs in a holistic and evidence based strategy.  As your provider, we are committed to offering treatment based on your individual beliefs, customs, economic status, and location. We provide both in person/office visits as well as telephonic or telehealth appointments.

Services we provide include individual psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy and medication management for children age 5 through adolescence as well as young, middle aged and older adults. 

Treatment Focuses

Initial Psychiatric Evaluations Are Required Prior to Providing Psychotherapy and/or Medication Management Services.

Depression,  Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders, ADHD

Diagnoses should not feel like a label.  These conditions have neuro-cognitive, genetic and external environmental contributing causes that the provider will discuss with you. A treatment plan will be a team/partner strategy with options that are individualized to your needs. Collaboration with other providers and screening tools will assist in identifying the severity and complexity of your diagnosis.

Anxiety  Disorders and

Healing takes time, whether you are dealing with grief, trauma or loss. These impacts can cause us to live our daily lives in modes of fight or flight, cause lack of sleep, changes in mood, appetite, socialization, and effect our self esteem.  Together with your provider there can be a plan to continue sessions at length to address the origin of these types of disorders and improve your quality of life. Collaboration and/or referral may also be made to specialized trained therapists based on your belief and decision after informed consent of treatment options at our practice.

and other Psychotic Disorders

Our goal is to provide evidence based treatment for a wide range of symptoms related to these types of disorders. Combined therapy and medication management is highly recommended. Treatment options are extensive aside from taking medication in pill form. There are monthly to semi-annual injectable medications that many may be eligible for.  At our practice, we break the stigma for mental health disorders. We are not all cookie cutter cases and deserve to be treated as individuals. 

Substance Use Disorders and MAT

Medication Assisted Therapy Options are extensive for alcohol use disorder, opiate use disorder, stimulant use disorder and any form of polysubstance use.  Our services provide outpatient induction for buprenorphine/naloxone therapy as well as adjunct psychotropic medication. Convenient pharmacy delivery and pickup are easy options as well.  We strive to create a comfortable and accepting environment at our practice that does not focus on negativity, stigmatization or penalization for relapse periods. We are basing our provider/client relationships around honesty, acceptance, transparency, and individual success along with privacy and discreet service standards.

Location:  209 Highway 180 West, Silver City, NM 88061

Contact:  575-956-6390 (You may leave a message with your name and return contact if desired)

Fax: 575-956-6074


Practice Hours:  Currently By Appointment Only


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